Blog Anthology: A Collection of Content

The Rhythm Factory exists to be a place where music education and community meet – investing in aspiring musicians and the Treasure Valley music scene. Check back here often for information and updates about local music and our thoughts about music, life, and whatever else happens to inspire.

Here’s a basic schedule of what you can expect:

Monday: Live & Local

Opinion and info about local shows, open mics, and worship sets we experience. As a worship leader, Jon will sometimes talk about what happens behind the scenes to make a song go from good to great.

Tuesday: Talking Songs

Lyrical inspiration in many forms – what inspires, what’s in development, what other artists have done that capture the message well – a place to discuss muse, method, and masterpieces of songwriting.

Wednesday: Artist Locavore

Interviews with local artists, worship leaders, and artists that are passing through town.

Thursday: Variety Show

Album reviews, video lessons, music news – whatever.

Friday: Fire Starter

Controversial quote or question about music. Join the discussion!

If you have any suggestions about content, just let us know at


About therhythmfactory

Creating quality guitarists since 2010! The Rhythm Factory is your first and most important step in becoming an accomplished guitarist! But more than just providing top-notch guitar instruction, we are seeking to create a community of guitarists who can collaborate and work together in order to foster creativity and diversity in the Boise music scene. Let's start something amazing! View all posts by therhythmfactory

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