I can learn online for free, so…

With the growing abilities of people to learn things on the Internet for free instead of in the classroom, guitar instructors like myself need to always be thinking of innovative ways to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for – the instruction, the coaching, and the encouragement you need to become a great guitar player.

Here are a few reasons I think that you should take guitar lessons and supplement with online resources.

1. The internet can’t see your hands, hear your wrong notes, or challenge your quirks.

A guitar teacher should do all those things. When you come to me for a lesson, it won’t all be comfortable – but I’ll coach you to play well, not just passably play that Mumford & Sons song you’ve been chipping away at. I’ll help you make up the difference between talent and knowledge.

2. If you’re serious about being educated, you should invest in it!

If a person wanted to speak another language really well, you’d suggest that they spend a little money to learn from a fluent instructor, and possibly go immerse themselves in that culture. In many ways, music is another language – it takes some work, time, and money to get good. I could go get some of the basics of French down for free by renting a book or taking some lessons on YouTube, but I can’t expect to be fluent by doing that. I have no idea about the vastness of the French language, conjugations, tenses – and music, although it is universal, is the same way. It’s like asking a guide who has traveled a road many times to help you along the journey – it’s just smart.

3. A teacher can help you realize your ultimate goal with the guitar – and tell you when to stop taking lessons and get out there and use your skills!

As a guitar teacher, I’ve been in the situations you want to be in – open mics, live music at church, playing in a band, songwriting, recording, etc – and I know the nuances that each of those things require. So I can help you know when you’ve reached your goal and where to look for other resources to continue growing.

Those are just three of the reasons you should take guitar lessons and not just fiddle around on YouTube – guitar education is an investment you’ll use for a lifetime.


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